• Basic Guidelines for Prevention of COVID-19 Infections
  • 33rd TIFF to Open with “Underdog” and Close with “Hokusai”
  • Bloom!
  • Basic Guidelines for Prevention of COVID-19 Infections
  • 33rd TIFF to Open with “Underdog” and Close with “Hokusai”
  • Bloom!
  • Tokyo Premiere 2020
    Tokyo Premiere 2020
    A new showcase category with a focus on World Premiere and Asian Premiere films by unique directors from around the world. While maintaining a balance of works from Japan, Asia, Europe, and America, this program retains the former three competition sections' selection vantage.
  • Special Screenings
    Special Screenings
    This section, which premieres the latest films before being released in Japan, will screen the closing film this year as well as monumental and topical films. There will also be guest appearances by film stars and crew, which will surely enliven the festival.
  • World Focus
    World Focus
    The World Focus section's lineup will showcase works from film festivals worldwide, foreign films unreleased in Japan, and award-winning films that have been screened at overseas film festivals. This year, we will be featuring Taiwan and continue the collaboration, which began last year, with the Latin Beat Film Festival.
  • Japanese Animation
    Japanese Animation
    In this program, we look back at the history of anime and tokusatsu characters that were born in Japan and have taken off around the world. There are also features such as <The Landscape of Animation>.
  • Japan Now The Artistry of Koji Fukada
    Japan Now The Artistry of Koji Fukada
    This year's "Japan Now", the section that provides an overview of Japanese cinema today, features Koji Fukada. He is a rare director who expresses the relationship between us and our world in a realistic way, and projects it onto the relationship between the audience and the screen. With the future ahead of us so difficult to predict, now is the time to be in touch with his films that meticulously capture the world.
  • Japanese Classics
    Japanese Classics
    Three still-existing films by the genius Sadao Yamanaka restored in collaboration with the Japan Foundation and the timeless masterpieces of the great master Hiroshi Inagaki will be shown.
  • Youth
    A section where children and teens can experience the wonders of film. TIFF 2020: Teens Meet Cinema, a filmmaking workshop for junior high school students, was done remotely this year. In addition, Vanilla Yamazaki is back again for an appearance in TIFF Children!
  • Asia Lounge Conversation Series
    "Asia Lounge" Conversation Series
    This program will host daily online conversations between leading film directors from various Asian countries and regions and their Japanese peers. The new initiative was proposed by world-renowned director Hirokazu Kore-eda, who worked with the members of the committee to organize the event.
    Co-presented by The Japan Foundation Asia Center
  • Taiwan Cinema Renaissance 2020
    Taiwan Cinema Renaissance 2020
    This year has been a prosperous one for Taiwanese cinema. We have carefully selected four titles from noteworthy films arriving continually to the scene.
    This is a series of special online talk sessions between audiences and the directors of this year’s TIFF selections who cannot come to Japan.
  • Guest Appearance
    Guest Appearance
    Tokyo International Film Festival 2020 is preparing multiple online talk shows with invited guests as a distinctive presentation of this year.
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