2020.11.17 [Event Information]
[Campaign Period: Nov.23 (MON)] Watch an Asian movie at the 33rd TIFF, get your chance to win a prize!

Viewers watching the Asian movies introduced in the booklet “CROSSCUT ASIA SPECIAL” will have a chance to win wonderful prizes. Apply to win by participating this exciting campaign after watching Asian movies!
Watch an Asian movie
Campaign: Watch an Asian movie introduced in CROSSCUT ASIA SPECIAL, get a chance to win a prize!
・Campaign Period: Oct.31 (SAT) – Nov.23 (MON), 2020
For those of you who have watched one of Asian movies introduced in the booklet “CROSSCUT ASIA SPECIAL” distributed at the 33rd Tokyo International Film Festival, and the answer online questionnaire.
They are all eligible to apply for this special present!
A fair and unbiased drawing will be implemented after the entries are closed.
How to apply:
1) Watch an Asian movie introduced in the booklet “CROSSCUT ASIA SPECIAL” (please see the list below).
2) Go to the entry form.
[Entry form]
3) Fill in the questionnaire and submit.
[Movie List subject to the campaign]
Abu Omar (Dir. Roy Krispel)
Alaya (Dir. Shi Meng)
Ashes on a Road Trip (Dir. Mangesh Mukund Joshi)
Come and Go (Dir. Lim Kah Wai)
Fan Girl (Dir. Antoinette Jadaone)
Forgiveness (Dir. Cem Özay)
Jang-Gae: The Foreigner (Dir. Chang Chih-wei)
Love Song 1980 (Dir. Mei Feng)
Malu (Dir. Edmund Yeo)
No Choice (Dir. Reza Dormishian)
The Old Town Girls (Dir. Shen Yu)
Slate (Dir. Jo Ba-reun)
TiTi (Dir. Ida Panahandeh)
Genus Pan (Dir. Lav Diaz)
Love After Love (Dir. Ann Hui)
Mekong 2030 (Dir. Sotho Kulikar, Anysay Keola, Sai Naw Kham, Anocha Suwichakornpong, Pham Ngoc Lan)
There Is No Evil (Dir. Mohammad Rasoulof)
The Wasteland (Dir. Ahmad Bahrami)
Mukhsin [4K Digitally Restored Version] (Dir. Yasmin Ahmad)
Along the Sea (Dir. Fujimoto Akio)
[Special prize for 1 winner]
Original tote bag autographed by Kato Masaya + 33rd TIFF Official Catalog + Asian Three-Fold Mirror 2016: Reflections DVD

Photo Kase Kentaro

[Prize A for 3 winners]
Asian Three-Fold Mirror 2016: Reflections DVD + A guidebook to Southeast Asian cinema
Watch an Asian movie
[Prize B for 4 winners]
33rd TIFF Official Catalog + CROSSCUT ASIA #01-06 Booklets
Watch an Asian movie

*Only winners will be notified. Prizes will be sent to each winner in early December, 2020. *Prizes will be sent from the TIFF office. Please note that applicants will be required to register personal information including address and name.
*If prizes are not delivered properly due to long absence or incorrect address, winning may be cancelled.
*Prizes will be shipped to addresses within Japan only.


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