Tokyo International Film Festival Information Center
TEL: 050-3538-2499(call center operator)
Service hours: 12:00-18:00
* 10:00~18:00 on Oct 24.
Basic Information on ticket purchase
Please note that to secure the safety of our audiences and staff, the festival will take the utmost caution for COVID-19 infection prevention measures. Audiences are kindly asked to read here before purchasing tickets.
Purchase of tickets for Opening/Closing/Special Screenings is limited to 2 per order, and tickets for all other screenings is limited to 4 per order.
All film festival seats are on reserve basis unless otherwise announced.
Please see website film and event page for details of Admission Free screenings and about participation of events.
  • *Ticket will not be refunded, exchanged or reissued.
  • *Wrongful acts such as re-sales of tickets, ticket transaction numbers, and QR codes for commercial purpose are prohibited.
  • *We will ask a customer to leave if we find out that tickets have not been purchased at TIFF Official Website or TIFF Ticket Center.
  • *Pre-school children are not allowed to enter the theater, except for screenings designated by the organizer (Children over 3 years old will require a ticket).
  • *The Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Ordinance for Healthy Youth Development prohibits individuals under age of 18 from being at theaters from 23:00 to 4:00. This also applies when these individuals are accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • *Screenings at TIFF are not eligible for Cinemileage (TOHO CINEMAS mileage).
  • *TIFF tickets are not eligible for parking services at any of the venues.
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