2020.10.22 [Updates]
Ticket sales for the 33rd Tokyo International Film Festival

The 33rd Tokyo International Film Festival tickets will be on sale from Oct. 24th (Sat) with 100% seating capacity.
As a precaution against the novel coronavirus, masks must be worn at all times and only drinks will be allowed in the theater (Bringing food will be prohibited).
Many of the films screened at the Tokyo International Film Festival can only be seen on this occasion, and we would like to give as many visitors as possible the opportunity for viewing these films. In addition, although there are many films with guest appearances, we will limit the number of guests on each screening and prevent a certain number of front seats from being used, to ensure that there is sufficient distance between the guests and the audiences.
We will take every precaution to prevent the novel coronavirus, but we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation by wearing masks at all times and refrain from bringing in the foods to the theater.
There are some films that will sell tickets at 50% seating capacity, but this is due to the conditions that have been agreed upon in consultation with the exhibitors. Please note that the above rules apply to the films below as well.
The additional ticket sales of advance lottery sales films “Underdog,” “One in a Hundred Thousand,” “Josse, the Tiger and the Fish,” “Food Luck” and “Looking for Magical Doremi“:
The additional sales will be made available for the above films due to the 100% seating capacity of the theater.
Additional Sales starting date and time
Oct. 26th (Mon)
Josse, the Tiger and the Fish,” “Looking for Magical Doremi
Underdog” (2 screenings), “Food Luck
One in a Hundred Thousand
For 33rd Tokyo International Film Festival’s Countermeasures against Novel Corona Infection click here.

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