2020.05.01 [Updates]
Feature Films / TV series Securing funds and international co-productions through the Tokyo Gap-Financing Market CALL FOR PROJECTS 2020

TIFFCOM 2020, the Marketplace for Film and TV in Asia, the affiliated market of the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF), is announcing a Call for Projects for the first edition of the Tokyo Gap-Financing Market (TGFM), which will take place from November 4th to 6th, 2020.
The TGFM is a platform for up to 20 selected projects in the categories of fiction films, fiction TV series, animated feature films and animated TV series. The market aims to support Japanese, Asian and international producers in securing financing for their projects through one-on-one meetings with professionals from around the globe, including producers, sales agents, distributors, financiers, broadcasters and other potential funders. All the invited professionals are decision-makers. In addition, each project will have broad networking opportunities at TIFFCOM 2020 and TIFF.
The goal of the TGFM is to get the projects on track and, as a result, to produce higher quality films that will be selected by international film festivals and markets such as TIFF and TIFFCOM.
Tokyo Gap-Financing Market(TIFFCOM 2020)
Dates: November 4 (Wed.) – 6 (Fri.), 2020
Venues: The Prince Park Tower Tokyo
For details: https://www.jcs.tokyo/en/news/newsletter/2020_market

This call is open to Japanese, Asian and International projects in the following categories:
-Feature Films (Fiction, Animation)

The project must be a fiction feature film or a long feature animation with a running time above 70 minutes and intended for theatrical distribution. Each project must have secured 60% of its budget and must prove that this financing is in place.
-TV series (Fiction, Animation)
TV series projects can be fiction and/or animation with a minimum length of 5×26 minutes. Each project must have secured 50% of its budget and must prove that this financing is in place.
For details, see the following link: https://www.jcs.tokyo/en/news/newsletter/2020_market
Submissions should be made through the Tokyo Gap-Financing Market Online Entry Form: https://onl.tw/LRt1sP8 

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