2020.05.01 [Updates]
[UNIJAPAN] Gratitude for Support from Chinese Film Production Companies

At this time of global health crisis, our thoughts go out to all those who have suffered from or been affected by COVID-19, and UNIJAPAN expresses our solidarity with those who are fighting against the disease and related problems.
The coronavirus pandemic has had a substantial impact on the film industry worldwide, as well as other industries. While filmmakers are making great efforts in their own countries, the circle of communication and filmmaker support beyond borders has been expanding.
Heaven Pictures (Beijing) The Movie Co., Ltd. and Bright East (Beijing) Films Limited have contacted UNIJAPAN, which oversees the 33rd Tokyo International Film Festival Executive Committee (TIFF) and TIFFCOM, and the Japan Institute of the Moving Image, for their offer to send masks.
The films created by Heaven Pictures (Beijing) The Movie Co, Ltd. have been screened at TIFF as below.
Don’t Expect Praises in 2012 directed by YANG Jin (25th TIFF’s Winds of Asia-Middle East Section)
River Road in 2014 directed by LI Ruijun (27th TIFF’s Competition Section)
My Original Dream in 2015 directed by HAO Jie (28th TIFF’s Competition Section) .
We also introduced Patrolman Baoyin at the China Film Week (Chinese Film Festival 2019) in Tokyo, which we co-hosted with the Agency for Cultural Affairs and Shanghai International Film Festival, among others.
Considering the current lack of masks in Japan, UNIJAPAN accepted this kind offer of support from the companies.
Of the masks sent to us, KN95 masks used for medical purposes were included, so we donated to the University of Tokyo Hospital for the most effective use at the site. We are grateful that the cultural exchange through cinema between Japan and China led to this great support. Once again, we would like to express our appreciation to Heaven Pictures (Beijing) The Movie Co., Ltd. and Bright East (Beijing) Films Limited.
Along with the masks, we received the following inspirational message from Heaven Pictures (Beijing) The Movie Co., Ltd. and Bright East (Beijing) Films Limited:
“’There is always light behind the clouds’ — We are grateful that UNIJAPAN has always supported Chinese filmmakers. We hope to overcome this crisis of the novel coronavirus together.”

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