2020.10.28 [Updates]
The 14th Asian Film Awards Winners Announced

Ryo KASE wins Best Supporting Actor,
HIKARI wins Best New Director,
Yoshifumi KUREISHI wins Best Sound at the 14th Asian Film Awards

28 October 2020 Busan/Tokyo: The Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA) announced the winners of the 14th Asian Film Awards (AFA14) today. Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the awards presentation was broadcast online on the AFAA and Busan International Film Festival’s official websites and YouTube Channels. The awards are organized by the Tokyo, Busan and Hong Kong International Film Festivals.
From Japan, Ryo KASE won Best Supporting Actor for To the Ends of the Earth, and gave a humble message of thanks in English, sharing his wish to see audiences in person next time. HIKARI, director of 37 seconds, won Best New Director and delivered her remarks in English, as well. Yoshifumi KUREISHI won Best Sound for Listen to the Universe and expressed his happiness and gratitude.
During the online announcement of winners, director Hirokazu Kore-eda, who won Best Film for Shoplifters, and Koji Yakusho, who won Best Actor for The Blood of Wolves at last year’s AFA, announced the winners and presented the awards to Bong Joon Ho for Parasite and Lee Byung-Hun for the Man Standing Next, as well as congratulating them.
For the full winners’ list, please refer to the below.
The Best Film Award was given to Oscar-winning Parasite, directed by Bong Joon-ho of Korea, which was nominated in 10 categories and won four prizes.
For the full winners list, please refer to the below.

Ryo KASE’s speech:
“Thank you for the award. To be honest, I was surprised when I heard about the nomination because my role in this film was rather low key, and also I had been thinking my performance there was a fairly quiet one. So, it is encouraging for me to be reminded the fact that there still are people who appreciate that kind of thing in films. I wish you all a safe journey through the COVID crisis and hope to meet you in person next time. Thank you very much.”
HIKARI’s speech:
“Thank you so much Asian Film Awards for this incredible award. I did not expect it at all. I feel so humbled and honored to receive such a recognition.” After expressing her gratitude to the cast, crew, her family, many supporters and Mei Kayama, who played the protagonist, she continued, “We made this film in hopes to open people’s hearts and minds, and to show that despite our differences on the outside, we are the same on the inside. There’s love, desires, and we all have stories to tell; all we need is to lean in and listen to one another. And I truly hope, really hope, that our film will inspire you to do so. Thank you.”
Yoshifumi Kureishi’s speech:
“Thank you for giving me the Asian Film Awards’ Best Sound Award. I’m really honored. I believe meeting the director and working on a good film brought me this award, with the help of each crew member, as well as the cast and producer. I’m also happy to win the award with this film about music. Thank you very much.”

AFA14 House Programme can be viewed at issuu.com/asianfilmawardsacademy
AFA14 Completed Announcement Video can be viewed at youtube.com/asianfilmawardsacademy
2020 Asian Film Awards winners:
Best Film: Parasite (Korea)
Best Director: WANG Xiaoshuai for So Long, My Son (China)
Best New Director: HIKARI for 37 Seconds (Japan)
Best Actor: Lee Byung-hun in The Man Standing Next (Korea)
Best Actress: ZHOU Dongyu in Better Days (Hong Kong, China)
Best Supporting Actor: Ryo KASE in To the Ends of the Earth (Japan, Uzbekistan, Qatar)
Best Supporting Actress: Samantha Ko in A Sun (Taiwan)
Best Newcomer: Jackson Yee in Better Days (Hong Kong, China)
Best Screenplay: BONG Joon-ho and HAN Jin-won for Parasite (Korea)
Best Editing: YANG Jinmo for Parasite (Korea)
Best Cinematography: DONG Jinsong for The Wild Goose Lake (China, France)
Best Original Music: Karsh KALE and The Salvage Audio Collective for Gully boy (India)
Best Costume Design: Pacharin SURAWATANAPONGS for Happy Old Year (Thailand)
Best Production Design: LEE Ha Jun for Parasite (Korea)
Best Visual Effects: Tomi KUO and Renovatio Pictures for Detention (Taiwan)
Best Sound: KUREISHI Yoshifumi for Listen to the Universe (Japan)

Nominees from Japan:
Best Film: Listen to the Universe directed by Kei ISHIKAWA
Best Director: Nobuhiro SUWA (Voices in the Wind)
Best New Director: HIKARI (37 Seconds)
Best Actor: Masataka KUBOTA (First Love)
Best Actress: Mariko TSUTSUI (A Girl Missing)
Best Supporting Actor: Ryo KASE (To the Ends of the Earth)
Best Supporting Actress: Yuko TANAKA (One Night)
Best Newcomer: Sakurako KONISHI (First Love)
Best Cinematography: Akiko ASHIZAWA (To the Ends of the Earth)
Best Original Music: Tomohiko BANSE, Manato KEMMOCHI, Wataru SAWABE (ON-GAKU: Our Sound)
Best Costume Design: Masae MIYAMOTO (Kingdom)
Best Visual Effects: Kaori OOTAGAKI (First Love)
Best Sound: Yoshifumi KUREISHI (Listen to the Universe)

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